It's Okay To Be Complex

Do you ever find yourself wondering, "am I complex?  Is this normal?" Turns out, it's very normal to be asking those kind of questions, and no matter what the answer is, Complex Beauty is for you.

The Rose Glow glycolic mask is my favorite product from their range. Surprise, surprise. Something rose is my favorite. I think we're all used to that by now. As Complex says, roses are red, violets are blue, put this on your face and you'll have glowy skin too. It's a five minute facial, so we're already off to a good start. Rosewater and Glycolic Acid play in tandem to reveal a new layer of skin that's smooth and bright. Rosewater not only refreshes, but evens out skin, reduces scarring and balances the pH level. Glycolic Acid chemically exfoliates while fighting blemishes. Dream duo. It does contain an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which might tingle a bit, but that's fine. Also, be sure to wear sunscreen (always) but especially after applying an acid! This mask is also a reminder to not let anyone or anything dull your glow. 

Smooth Operatorrrrrrr... ok, I'll stop singing like Sade now. This antioxidant mask has the texture of whipped butter and leaves my pores feeling tight and clean. It's an anti-bad skin mask, so sign me up. My favorite acid, Lactic, chemically exfoliates just like Glycolic which is also in here, but leaves a moisturized sheen on the skin while improving elasticity and texture. Coenzyme Q10 also improves elastin production along with collagen and also protects from sun damage-- one of my biggest fears. Vitamin C piggybacks off that by protecting against UV damage and brightens the skin while fixing pigmentation issues which evens out the skin tone. Organic Blueberry lightens dark spots as well while adding extra brightness. No dullness here. Organic Cranberry fights free radicals (the fight we're all in) that cause premature aging. You can't see them, but they're out there. Best to just be safe and use this mask. I got into Squalane a few years ago and enjoyed the hydration it gave me without being too much, so I was happy to see this was a component as well. It protects, improves moisture balance and intercepts free radicals before the enter your system. For good measure, there is also Wildcrafted Green Tea, which is an anti-inflammatory that tones,  brightens, evens, combats blemishes, and protects against sun damage. Smooth skin wouldn't be possible without exfoliation, so we end the ingredients list with hibiscus petals, which gently exfoliate while helping repair the skin. Complex says we should except great things from this sleuth.

The Godmother is an appropriate name for this mask, since it acts like a fairy godmother. Rescuing your skin with its pumpkin enzyme goodness. I love that it provides antibacterial protection, because in return, that means less blemishes. Pumpkin is also in the fight against free radicals, dissolves dead skin, moisturizes, reduces scars and minimizes pores. Glycolic Acid and Vitamin also make an appearance because why not, as well as another AHA-- this time, derived from fruit. These are best known for speeding up cell renewal while exfoliating. Lastly, there's meadowfoam seed oil, which I've grown to love in the last few months as a person with oily skin. While it moisturizes, it forms a barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss which is why it's great to combat excess sebum production. Locked-in moisture=no oil.

Consider my pout protected. This dreamy vanilla lip mask is a blend of castor seed and coconut oils, stem cells, peptides and amino acids to keep your lips hydrated while producing collagen for plumpness and smoothness. With continued use, it protects from damage over time which is why I love using it as an overnight mask or a light layer of it as a balm during the day.

Face mist is one of my all-time favorite skincare products. I always have one on me. It's like my grownup security blanket in addition to my balms. The Afterglow Complexion Mist has a spa scent, and you all know how much I love anything that reminds me of a spa. It's great under or over makeup, or with no makeup at all. This time, glycolic acid is in liquid form, along with pineapple and papaya enzymes who are also participants in the fight against free radicals, MSM to hydrate and smooth, Colloidal Silver which is a natural antibiotic that heals and boosts cell recovery in addition to Tamanu Oil which is a topical healing agent that has antimicrobial and regenerative properties. What makes it smell so soothing is the lavender water and geranium essential oil. These regenerate skin tissue, heal acne and stimulate cell turnover for an even complexion. Finishing with a mist is the cherry on top. Or starting with one. Or using one all day like I do.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of info and try something out from Complex Beauty! Shoutout to Veronica for being the sweetest. My skin gives you a hug.

x Nicki

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