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Spring 2017. Open Glossier Slack. I welcome in the new wave of reps and see someone by the name of Gabrielle talking about the good stuff. Seriously, this girl is recommending some awesome products. I engage in the thread and later find myself wanting the new NARS bronzer in Seaside. We add each other on Instagram and I notice she has a distinct aesthetic, I'm into it. A few days later, I posted one of my favorite Matisse paintings only to see a comment that she loves Matisse too. Good taste in bronzer, loves Matisse, last name is Rizzo so she's a fellow Italian... in my head we were already friends. Is that weird? Oh well. What started as a few messages on Slack turned into us sliding in and out of each other's DMs, to exchanging numbers, to FaceTiming, to eventually having a weekend together in New York. Keep reading to find out why Gabrielle thinks a successful night starts with The Office and ends with pasta. Find the lie... you can't.

Gabrielle wears Noto Botanics multistick in Ono Ono

"I work as an Operations Manager of an independently-owned real estate company - I wish it sounded flashier like, independent curator or brand manager... coming soon. I landed here haphazardly after my second job out of college. I studied Political Science and Communications in undergrad with aspirations to be a lawyer but after soul-searching early morning in a hotel room in Ponta Delgada on São Miguel Island, Portugal, and a bit of Googling, I landed on a graduate program in marketing. Before I found a passion in marketing, I started my blog, It's Gabrielle, as a creative outlet. It's a safe space that represents just me. It's evolved from strictly skincare to more lifestyle/style-focused, and I'm really enjoying where it's going.

Day-to-day for me is erratic. I either have enough time to think about all of the time I have, or not enough for a lunch break. That's pretty much everyone though, right? I'm working full-time and in school full-time technically - I promise I'm sane. Either way, I think this militant schedule will prepare me to conquer my own business goals one day. Big plans are on the horizon.

I'm from Boston. We battle inclement weather 70% of the year, and when I go out, I either need 2 weeks advance or make a regrettable, half-committed, hasty decision to do something. There's no happy-medium for a social extremist like myself. An introvert moonlighting as an extrovert, if you will. When I do go out, it's usually restricted to Friday through Sunday, and I like to my time getting ready. I crave a routine. I usually put on The Office or whatever I last played at the gym. I'm into Miguel and Sza at the moment. Then I decide on a color mood, maybe shower. If I shower, I sit in my towel for no less than 45 minutes - it's a slow build. I'm never going to be a minimalist. I think my favorite part of my routine will always be moisturizers or serums. Taking care of my skin has really helped me feel comfortable in it. My go-to's right now are Origins GinZing Gel Moisturizing (for AM) and Sunday Riley's U.F.O. Oil (for PM).

Skincare is something I'm really passionate about. I made a New Year's resolution to myself 3 years ago to take better care of my skin. I think I've accomplished that and even have gone a little overboard. Now I'm here, a skincare blogger, and I wouldn't change anything. Skincare to me is the 10-30 minutes each morning/night I focus on myself - aka self-care. Beauty, skincare's counterpart, is more expressive for me. It's my moment to create. I love playing with color and trying all kinds of new looks.

There's a small community of us skincare enthusiasts here online - I say small, but it's actually vast and international. I'm serious... I've connected with people as far as Australia, Copenhagen and London, all because I put stuff on my face. Isn't that insane? I love that part of what I do. I enjoy everyone's voice, learning about products in real-time with a face-to-a-name vibe rather than a stale online review from 2009. And that's where I hope the beauty realm heads. More real voices.

  • A complete Marc Jacobs Highliner Collection or a new Dior Lip Glow (just ran out of mine)
  • Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, you know that Holy Grail product
  • Cèline trousers
  • Chanel Spring/Summer '18 Pink/Yellow Clear Flap Bag (gasps)
  • Dream destination - Paris in the Fall
  • Dream job - Creative Director of any beauty brand



Currently Reading and Listening To: VMAN 39: A Day In The Life of Timothée Chalamet, The White Album by Joan Didion, War & Leisure - Miguel

Favorite designer: Phoebe Philo, Rosie Assoulin, Saks Potts, Ganni  (Nicki here- Gaby and I frequently talk about our love for Scandinavian designers.  It's a thing.)

Favorite artist: This is a hard one... digital, Sarah Bahbah; contemporary, Yayoi Kusama; modern, Agnes Martin or Matisse

Crushing on: Neon waterlines and co-ord sets

Favorite snack and meal: Carbs, pasta... that's my brand.

Drink of choice: Mezcal with lime

Why you like staying in more than going out or vice versa: Both have their moments. If I've had an extremely long week and spent all my social equity (let's go with that), I like to recharge and be alone - I find that I can be most creative when I'm alone. If I'm cooped up for too long though, I need to be out and seeing things to be re-inspired. It's all very yin/yang.

Why you love being a woman:  Womanhood is powerful, it's made me strong. I know there isn't anything I can't handle. And I know when women support each other, incredible things can happen."

Photos by Gabrielle Rizzo, friendship photos by Nicki Frances

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