Add Some Sapphire

There's something so elegant about a simplistic, minimal design. Mejuri has mastered this art within their jewelry. While many forms of style are appealing, effortlessness is especially chic.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved dainty gold jewelry. Every day of first grade, I would wear a thin gold bracelet that had an intricate design engraved onto it. This jumpstarted my love for all things delicate and shiny.

Mejuri was kind of enough to send me these gold hoops with white sapphire detailing, and they have been nothing but amazing to work with. Super friendly and efficient. Shoutout to Siobhan! They're not only great on the outside, but they also have an awesome system in place in order to keep their products affordable.


We're here to unlock the barriers between women and fine jewelry. So you can wear quality materials and feel good, everyday. Knowing our manufacturers means we deal directly with them, that's why our jewelry is fairly priced."

Luxury shouldn't be unattainable, and Mejuri made sure of that for their line. These hoops would look good alone or mixed with other metals, textures and colors. I've even worn them in my second hole with a bit of a bolder piece in the first one. Either way, it elevates your look for that ideal mix of simple and classy. You can buy yours here for $59 in gold vermeil or sterling silver :)

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