Things I Loved In August

You might think of a favorites post as a plethora of beauty products, an exorbitant handbag purchase, some chic basics, and a statement piece thrown in for good measure. As a small blogger, I figured I would start with a small selection. Before I get into the goods, I want to give you all a quick overview of August. I turned 25 on the 1st, (woohoo I'm a quarter-century old now!), lost my job in the middle of the month due to position cuts, and now am focusing what I truly love: photography and writing for my blog. I love nothing more than creating content and storytelling for my platform. I'm one of those people that believes everything happens for a reason, so this could've been the push I needed to dive into what I genuinely want to do. I know there are many obstacles ahead, but if I'm doing what I enjoy, I'll be able to overcome them. Alright, let's get into what you all came here for. These are the products that I constantly reached for all month, and have no intention of putting down anytime soon.

diptyque huile de parfum pour la douche: The dreamiest shower oil you will ever use. This one is in L'Ombre dans l'Eau, or Baies. The liquid version of the candle we all love.  

Notes: Blackcurrant, Bulgarian rose, Ambergris.  

My favorite use for this is on the legs, elbows, and to rinse your hands with after you've chopped garlic or onions. You can skip perfume if you use this since it leaves an adequate veil of a scent behind.

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Lacquer: This red... it's perfect. A blend of a tomato hue with a hint of spice. I'll be wearing it every season. It also really is longwear-- I've had it on a for a week without any chipping. The formula is also 5-free with bioceramics and ceramides to improve the quality of your nails. Win all around.

diptyque Cyprès: If you want to feel like you're on the Amalfi Coast of Italy sipping limoncello or on the Greek island of Santorini staring out into the deep cerulean (pop quiz: what movie is this color mentioned in?) ocean while relaxing on a lounge chair, you'll want to get this candle. It means Cypress tree, those of which thrive in Mediterranean climates and terrains. I'm almost out, and I can already feel the vacation coming to an end.

Avène Thermal Spring Water: I'm pretty sure this is one of the products that has kept my acne at bay. A big pro for me on this is the mister. It comes out fine and gentle, because no one likes a sharp gust of water in their face. It keeps me hydrated without feeling oily, and soothes my sensitive skin.

That's it for now-- do any of you use these products? What else would you like to see in these types of posts? Leave me a comment or follow me on Instagram @nickifrances and we'll chat :)  
Happy September!

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