Friend Feature: Charlotte Craven

If Charlie and I weren't in the right place at the right time, we probably would never have met. I'll never forget that day as a high school senior walking into a real New York City campus accepted students day and seeing a girl with long, blond hair looking just as nervous as I was. I took comfort in the fact that someone else had an array of emotions running through their brain, and knew that the next step in my journey would be filled with people who were also trying to figure everything out. I kept walking closer to her (probably seemed like a creeper at the time) and finally introduced myself. I was with my father, she was with her mother. Once they started talking, I realized our families had a lot in common, and that this was someone who I could truly be friends with. Fast forward 7 years later, we still have the same dynamic of friendship. As my first friend in New York, it's only fitting that Charlie kicks off the Friend Features series. Let's take a look at what she's loving, and a glimpse into her life.

Almay makeup remover cleaning towelettes are gentle, yet pack a punch. These are always step one in a routine so you don't have to cleanse as hard later on. I was in awe of how her makeup glided off without any residue.

Charlie's skin is nothing short of flawless. Never a spot or a hint of redness, with the ideal amount of freckles.  I'm fangirling over my own friend. She uses Mario Badescu's Vitamin C Serum to boost vitality and natural luminosity.

Thayers Witch Hazel in Rose Petal is used to get that extra deep clean, and a personal favorite of mine as well. Anything that has a soft scent of rose is instantly calming and adds a boost of luxury. It helps cleanse your pores and blast away any makeup or dirt that's left behind. As a children's specialist for a renowned New York organization, Charlie has meetings at all locations, therefore is constantly running around Manhattan. She definitely needs to take the city off at the end of the day. As for when she's heading to said meetings, she prefers a natural, elegant look. Ladylike is the word I would use to describe her, and she truly has the lashes to go along with that. Covergirl Supersizer Fibers is the tool of choice to give her that feminine flutter. The pigment is impressive, along with its lengthening abilities.

Before makeup though, Charlie uses Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré to prep her skin. It leaves a smooth, plump canvas before she puts on a bit of IT Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF 50.

Nails are another thing that she has down pat. Perfectly manicured, she chooses a blush nude to compliment her skin tone, with her favorite top coat to seal it all in place - Sally Hansen Insta Dri, in the red bottle.

Add a touch of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, her signature scent, and she's ready to go.

A peek into Charlie's humble abode on the Upper East Side. 

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