Au Revoir, Redness

Super Pure by Glossier - Niacinamide & Zinc Serum

As Glossier never ceases to amaze me, it's no surprise that Super Pure is nothing short of a miracle product. Oh, you have a spot on your face the size of a planet? Put some Super Pure on it.  *said in the voice of Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding* A couple months ago, I had a horrible, on-going hormonal breakout. The spots were cystic, sensitive, and so so enflamed. I was blown away when I put Super Pure on at night before my moisturizer, and the next morning the acne would barely be red and very noticeably diminished in size.

According to Glossier:

In a poll of existing Super Pure daily users...

  • 96% saw a reduction in redness within one week or less
  • 79% said their blemishes were visibly less noticeable 

You can only imagine what continuous use of this serum did. Today, I am 100% acne free with a major thanks to Glossier. I'll be sure to write a post on my other acne-fighting steps and products soon. P.S. SP is great for all types of acne, not just hormonal. There's no judgment here if you ate an entire pizza or bucket of french fries and have some unwanted guests on your skin as a result of that. I haven't been so adamant about a product being this effective in a while, so don't sleep on this and grab yours at Newcomers receive 20% off, and everyone receives free shipping on orders of $30 and up when shopping through my page. If you purchase all three supers, you'll save $19 :)  Cheers to good skin days!


Mac Cherry Lip Liner
Glossier Generation G in Zip and Clear Lip Gloss
Nails - Chanel Le Vernis in 510 Gitane

It's baaaack. You no longer have to hoard your precious Glossier lip gloss that was limited edition in their holiday 2016 Black Tie Set. Glossier gloss is now a permanent item. Guys, how many times will I say the word gloss in this post. Gloss gloss gloss. Ok. Done. No really, what is Glossier without an actual gloss? It's so perfect and shiny, and it truly is clear. There's not a speck of glitter, which makes this look like actual glass gliding over your lips. There's also all sorts of goodness in this-- straight from Glossier's pout:

Gloss-Lock TechnologyA mixture of emollients that bind to your lips, so the shine stays put.
Conditioning PolymersHelps the gloss smooth and spread out evenly—no goopy feeling!
Vitamin E
Leaves lips feeling moisturized and cushiony soft.  

As a kid of the 90s, I freaked out about this launch pretty heavily. Lip gloss was theeee thing back then. If you didn't own every single lip smacker / gloss from Limited Too, I didn't want to hear about it. Little Nicki would have been so excited about this chic, minimalistic gloss, even though she probably didn't know what chic, minimalistic products were. You can now fulfill your 90s and early 2000s dreams of glossy perfection, without the stickiness. It *is* 2017 for goodness sake, there must be some sort of gloss technology by now. Shop all Glossier with me at 20% off for newcomers, and free shipping always on orders of $30 and up. xx