Priming Moisturizer Rich: The Answer to Skin Dilemmas

It's a primer, it's a moisturizer, it's rich. First of all, PMR smells aaaa-mazing. Basically like the best possible version of an earthy-scented cream, with a hint of lavender. I would describe this product as holy grail. I wear it even when I don't plan on putting a stitch of makeup on; I just really enjoy looking like I'm glowing, ok? It's a non-greasy formula, which truly makes it a primer and a moisturizer. It plays nicely with all of my other skincare, but then again, Glossier always does, and makeup sits beautifully on top of it. It really doesn't allow your foundation to get cakey because of how satiny it leaves your skin. This one is a big win. I highly suggest running, not walking, to go get some for yourself.

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