generation G: The Age of Sheer Beauty, Quite Literally

Whenever I say generationG, I hear the Spice Girls' song, "Move Over" in my head. Anyone else? Only me? k. Alright, so let's talk about these colors. You have Cake - a pale, warm nude, Like - a rosy blush, Crush - a punch of red-magenta, Jam - a true berry, Leo - my favorite of them all: a 90's brown nude with a hint of warmth, and Zip - bright cherry red: named after the red zipper on the famous Glossier pink pouch. Clever. Photographed above is Leo, hanging out with Chanel in Quartz, which is a whole other topic. But back to the lippies-- they go on very sheer, but can be layered to achieve opaqueness. I use Leo for eyeshadow and blush, as well as a lip color. It blends like a dream and adds the best natural color to your face. Also, it's just such a great name. After all, it was named after Leonardo DiCaprio. Shop genG with me for 20% off at :)

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